Marietta College articles

This is a feature article about an alumna who turned a potentially life-hindering illness into motivation.
When doctors couldn’t revive newly born Julie Wilkes, she came back on her own.
Julie was born with a heart condition she developed in utero after her mother suffered from a case of internal poison ivy during her seventh month of pregnancy. Though her mother carried her for 10 months, doctors discovered that the umbilical cord tethered to Julie prevented from getting enough nutrients for three months and, because of this, her heart didn’t form properly. Read the whole article.

This article features quiet areas to study in the college’s new library.
Most every college student has been there. A major exam first thing in the morning prompts an all-night cram session.
But whether your roommate is noisy or enjoys a 9 p.m. bedtime, often times finding a quiet place to study can be challenging for anyone. Read the whole article.

This article discusses the state of the college’s petroleum engineering program.
Over the years the petroleum engineering field has had its ups and downs. Right now, it’s somewhere in between.
Dr. Robert Chase, head of the Edwy R. Brown Department of Petroleum Engineering and Geology, believes the field is in a transition period going from being oil driven to natural gas driven. Read the whole article.

This is a feature article on the school’s new planetarium.
Some students taking Astronomy 106 are having an out of this world experience as they learn how to conduct shows for the Anderson Hancock Planetarium. Read the whole article.


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